Title of Work: Rabbit and Gecko, the breeze and the warmth and their clothes

Design specialization: Catherine Bagnall – writer and performance work

                                       Katie Collier- fashion design and design for performance.

Education: Catherine Bagnall MFA, Elam, Auckland University

Katie Collier, MFA, Massey University

Catherine Bagnall is an artist whose work focuses on the distinctly cultural form of clothing to explore the human non- human animal divide. Her practice explores the edges of clothing design and its intersection with performance practices by exploring clothing’s ability to transcend and transform the wearer, predominantly as ‘other’ in ‘wilderness’ sites. Testing the bounds of self through performative acts of “dressing up”, the research offers new modes of experience more sensory and baroque than we usually give value to. Catherine is a lecturer at Massey University’s College of Creative Arts. “ Rabbit and Gecko, the breeze and the warmth and their cloth” is a collaboration with Katie Collier.

Katie Collier
Katie Collier has just completed her MFA at Massey University, College of Creative Arts. Her research practice has been exploring the transformative potential of clothing to become ‘other’ using a range of media from durational dressing-up to video.
Katie’s performances have been exploring the role of the absurd, clothing and stillness in understanding the human non-human divide.

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