The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space is the largest scenography event in the world that explores a wide range of scenographic practices from stage design and costume design to lighting design, sound design and new scenographic practices such as site-specific, applied scenography, urban performance, costume as performance, and much more.

The 13th edition of the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space is held in June 2015. The main theme of the Prague Quadrennial 2015 is SharedSpace: Music, Weather, Politics 2013–2016, which is common for international project the PQ is organizing in cooperation with 11 European partners. The PQ project includes symposia, meetings and exhibitions throughout Europe and the project culminates at the Prague Quadrennial in June 2015. Innovations for PQ15 include the requirement for National exhibitions to address one of three themes Music, Weather or Politics; and the move of the Quadrennial into the urban centre, within a range of historic or gallery spaces.

The New Zealand National Exhibition at Prague

The New Zealand National Exhibition responds to the Quadrennial’s call to create a performative environment that explores scenography as relational and shared space. Influenced by the Maori, and Pacific Marae a space of interaction, negotiation and display the installation operates as a performative architecture, audio-visual media site, stage for live performance and dialogic space of exchange. Formed out of mobile elements, platforms for display, discussion and exchange, the installation performs weather as a site of sensory exchange, spatial change and shared experience.

land lines

NZPQ Weather concept

Th e NZPQ15 event space evidences the trans-disciplinarity of performance practices and processes as it links performing arts and performance art, design moving image and new media. The installation is envisaged as a space of encounter and interchange at the world’s leading performance design event, the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2015 (PQ15).

For the first time we have a satellite installation located at the Auckland Art Gallery during the time of the Prague Quadrennial – NZPQ15 at the Auckland Art Gallery establishes a portal into the events of the Quadrennial via daily updates and news feeds as well as representations of the performance works.

NZPQ15 at the Prague Quadrennial, June 2015.

NZPQ15 at the Auckland Art Gallery, June 2015.

NZPQ15 at the Auckland Art Festival, March 2014.

NZPQ15 at the St Paul Street Gallery, December 2014.

Social Media

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NZPQ Team 
Amanda Yates – Commissioner
Stuart Foster & Amanda Yates – NZ National Curators and Designers
Keely McCann – Production Manager

PQ at Massey Design team:

Matt Campbell
Geo Chong
Hannah Armstrong
Joshua Lewis
Jacob Preston
Georgia Brown
Emma Carson
Andrea Cassin

A big thank you to our sponsors:

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