Title of Work: Flood
…reworking 1000 Lovers (Auckland Arts Festival 2013) and Tuna Mau (Oceanic Performance Biennial, 2013)

Design specialization: Performance Designer/Architect

Education: PhD (distinction) NYU, MA (distinction) NYU, BArch(honours) Auckland

A performance designer and theatre architect, Hannah is Research Professor of Interdisciplinary Architecture, Art & Design at the University of Tasmania (Australia) and Adjunct Professor of Stage & Space at Aalto University (Finland). Investigating the intersection between performance and space, her creative work in architecture and scenography has been consistently selected to represent NZ at PQ since 1999. Focusing on ‘event-space’ her installations, exhibitions & events explore spatial performativity. In 2003 she directed the design of SRDCE: Heart of PQ, where she first collaborated with choreographer, Carol Brown. Since then they have co-directed dance-architecture events in Greece, New Zealand and Australia. Hannah co-edited an anthology, Performance Design (2008), and has gained design awards, including gold and silver at World Stage Design (WSD 2009). She was Architecture Commissioner for PQ 2011, Research Curator for WSD 2013 and is Theory Curator for PQ 2015 as well as co-curator of Fluid States, PSi’s 2015 globally dispersed festival of events. Hannah is completing a book titled Event-Space: Theatre Architecture & the Historical Avant-Garde for Routledge Press.



1000 Lovers (Auckland Festival White Night, March 2013): Dorita Hannah, Carol Brown, Russell Scoones




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