Title of Work: SKY

Design specialization: Visual artist

Education: BAMonash, MAMonash, PhD QUT

David Cross works across performance, installation, video and photography. His practice brings together performance art and object-based environments, focusing on relationships between pleasure, the grotesque and phobia. His works often involve inflatable objects and structures that draw audiences into unexpected situations and dialogues as Cross seeks to explore contemporary experiences and understandings of participation in art. Increasingly he has begun to work in the public sphere developing works that navigate the relationship between sport, collective decision making and sensory deprivation.

Cross has exhibited extensively in New Zealand,Australia, Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom. He has performed in international live art festivals in Poland, Croatia and was selected as a New Zealand representative at the Prague Quadrennial in 2011. Recently Cross has developed a major temporary public commission Level Playing Field for Scape Public Art 7 in Christchurch, New Zealand .

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