Title of Work: Reception Party

Design specialization: Visual artist

Education: PhD (AUT)

Examples of where he has presented include the 55th Venice Biennale for Visual Arts (2013), the New Zealand International Arts Festival with Letting Space/City gallery (2012), the New Performance Festival Turku (Finland, 2014), Trendheim Kunstmuseum (Norway, 2012), Luleå Kulturens Hus (Sweden, 2012), Gallery ZET (Amsterdam, 2011), The Govett Brewster gallery (Taranaki, 2006), St Paul St gallery (Auckland, 2012) and Te Tuhi gallery (Auckland, 2012 and 2014). He was awarded artist with the best effort at the Dunedin Fringe festival for his Blue Oyster gallery series (2006). Harvey is a Senior Lecturer at NICAI, The University of Auckland.


Pol Cli Wres MH 2


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