Title of work: Still Sailing

Choreographer, Teacher, Costume Designer, Dance, Performance Art

Education: Christina studied Zoology and dance at Otago University and has a  Masters in Creative and Performing Arts at Auckland University researching  Auckland Water ecology through performance. She is now studying at AUT  in the Art and Design department.; Teaching activites: Teaching at Auckland University 2011-2013  Dance dance dance school West Auckland; Participation in other important exhibition: Other Waters:Art on the Manukau Nov 2014  Umeå European Cultural Capital of the year. Oct 2014  Festival of Uncertainty 2014  Whau Arts Festival 2014  TEMPO Dance 2012  Theatre 466 2011-2012;

Christina Houghton is a New Zealand dance artist, costume designer and researcher (based in Auckland). Her performance work spans across the disciplines of choreography, costumes, ecology and art through participatory guided performance tours.






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