The NZPQ organisational team warmly invite submissions for participation in the Aotearoa , New Zealand Exhibition NZPQ23 Ka emiemi at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2019.

Emerging Designer and Student Exhibition

Tautuhi anō: to redefine/reset 

This call is for current students /recent graduates and emerging scenographers who are interested in working collaboratively on an outdoor performative exhibition for the Prague Quadrennial 2023 which reimagines what performance design in Aotearoa could look like in a post-pandemic world. The goal is to put together a diverse collective of emerging designers who are unafraid to disrupt, distort, dismantle and decolonise a scenographic practice that, due to our new global reality, is in need of redefining. Some of the provocations the designers may work with are:

  • Ka mua, ka muri (walking backwards into the future)

In reimagining our future how may we look to our past, and in particular the Whare Tapere (pre-European community space of storytelling, music, puppets and games) to help inform our dreaming.

  • How does our position within Te Moana Nui a Kiwa (the great Pacific Ocean) reflect our art making practices?
  • What can sustainability look like in our art making future? 
  • How is performance design critical in creating new live art that pushes boundaries and challenges existing power dynamics?

Tautuhi anō will be presented and performed within an allocated exterior space within an ex-meat market in the heart of Prague. The vision is to create a work which could perhaps take the format of a structure or location that allows the act of unpacking and repacking, to redefine and reset. 

Submission requirements:

  1. How does collaboration inform your practice?  (This can be in the form of a short recorded or written statement, max 150 words)
  2. What is your interest in collaborating on this project? (This can also be in the form of a short recorded or written statement, max 150 words)
  3. Artistic CV and website link (if relevant)
  4. Provide an image/media that responds to the PQ23 Artistic Concept – RARE:Stories of Unique Places (see below). This can be an image of your own work or one that you have sourced (please reference the image/media). 

Submission form >

Extended open call, Closes 19th June 2022.  – Applications close

30th June – Applicants notified by this date.

Development Timeline 

July-September – Wānanga and Workshops – Project development (workshops 1-3)

Our intention is for one of these to be an in person gathering and to include those involved in the National and Emerging/Student Designer exhibitions.

Project development will be through a series of in person and/or digital workshops. The exact dates for these will be determined based on the selected artists and needs of the project. 

Mid July               Workshop 1 (Wellington)

Mid September       Workshop 2 (Wellington)

Mid November       Workshop 3 (TBC)

January 2023          Workshop 4 (TBC)

March 2023            Public Showing (TBC)

For more information please contact: 

Sean Coyle

Student Exhibition: RARE 

Stories of Unique Places 

The Covid-19 years have made us rethink not only our usual ways of living but also communicating, learning, teaching, and creating. This was an unprecedented moment in living memory, but not the first time a challenge of this magnitude has happened. Similar life-changing moments are reflected in many different areas of art, theatre, and performance; we can find it in tales, legends, myths, stories, poems, music, dance, and games of various cultures across the globe. These can inspire us to reconsider defining events of our own past and they can also help us better understand our current situation and direct our future steps. Many of these inspirations, embedded in local customs and habits, can also instruct us in how to create a more sustainable life within our own cultures. We are inviting creative interventions that take inspiration in your local knowledge, your local culture and identity – especially if you believe that your local ideas, materials, artistic approaches connected to communities, and genius loci of your place can bring inspiration to new and visionary works of performance design/scenography. With that intention, we ask participating schools and emerging designers to create an exhibition (or an immersive experience space) based on, or inspired by, the cultural knowledge of a place. We believe that the unique process of transformation of these local sources of imagination into new and RARE works of performance design/scenography will actively contribute to the sharing of stories to others from around the world. We encourage you to create scenographic experiences, based on this local knowledge, in which your performance design fully engages the participating audience’s senses, emotions, and perceptions.  Careful thought should be given to the use of digital media, which should be combined with openness to tangible artistic experimentation and to inclusivity of societies and cultures. This exhibition is competitive. Student Exhibition shows the work of students, young designers, and young designer’s studios representing their own country or region. This edition of PQ again encourages national/regional centers and curators to widen the search and include not only student designers and educational institutions, but also young designers and new emerging design studios.