Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 12.21.41 pmTuna Mau

MAP is an artistic ensemble and collaborative locus for research, experimentation and interdisciplinary practice through performance by sound artist, Russell Scoones, designer architects Dorita Hannah & Amanda Yates and choreographer Carol Brown. MAP artists create work that is profoundly informed by significant events on the world stage, linking the lived present to long buried pasts. Projects such as Her Topia (Atens, 2005), Aarero Stone (Wellington, 2006) and Tongues of Stone (Perth 2011) have drawn upon the mythologies and histories of place in order to perform an archeology of buried voices across cultures and times. Through MAP’s site-responseive investigations audiences become folded into live performance engaging space differently from habitual occupation whilst attending to the fractured narratives of place, memory and mythology.

Works to Date:

Between 2012 and 2013, MAP developed a series of events on Auckland’s waterfront: Blood of Tress, 1000 Lovers and Tuna Mau: each one exploring and responding to the Wynyard Quarter as a sedimented site in Auckland’s isthmus: replete with encounters, pathways, traumas, fictions and facts.

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